Major Marketing Trends on Social Media Relevant to Marketer

News 02:12 December 2019:

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Social media has repeatedly proven its worth by adding more feature that which are friendly to brands that are trying to showcase their products on social sites. By last year, the platform had amassed 2.5 billion followers, which is expected to hit the 3 billion mark by the end of the year. The video and photo-sharing site has associated much of its recent success to its popular stories feature. The feature allows users to upload photos that are related and lasts for about 24 hours. The feature has already clinched on the top influencers’ snapchat usage popularity reducing it by about 35%.

Here are some of the popular trends on instagram that marketers and brands should know. These trends are expected to increase engagement on the platform and help brands reach out to their target market more easily.


More emphasis on engagement


Almost all the social sites have switched their user ranking systems. For an account to be ranked high, the level of engagement is the the basis of gauging. This means that those accounts with less engagement will not stand a chance of getting better viewership. This has posed a great challenge to businesses that don’t have much following.


However, using some automated tools can increase the ranking of such accounts. For instance, brands can buy facebook likes. The automated likes are sent to every new post in portions that the buyer wants. These likes create interest in facebook organic users hence increasing the engagement needed.



The search and discoverability feature; hashtag


The hashtag feature came into the limelight on twitter as way of classifying things such as groups. However, their popularity in increasing engagements made other social sites to consider incorporating them among their features. Currently, they are a common functionality of almost all the major social sites.


For instance, people use hashtags on twitter to start conversations. brands can major on this trend by starting conversations that people are interested in. picking on the current happenings that people can relate with easily is a good place to start.

However, avoid controversial topics that can raise a heated debate as this may end up drawing negative reaction to your brand. All the same, ensure that these conversations point back to what your brand represents.

Brands are also embarking on buying twitter followers to help attract a substantial organic following. This strategy works perfectly especially to small and start-up businesses that don’t have much following.

To a marketer, this can only mean a better chance to incorporate the feature in their marketing strategy and grow their brand’s popularity. However, as indicated earlier on, creativity in using this new feature is what will determine how much the brand will reap from the growing popularity of the feature.


Better performance for businesses on social sites


Social media boasts of over 300 million business profiles, this is about 65% increase from last year’s count. There is also a significant increase of users with statistics indicating that 75% of social media users follow at least one business account. however, another interesting report indicate that about 75% of business profile visits are from users who don’t follow that particular account.


These statistics on errant visits to business accounts have been attributed to influencer marketing which market experts have already tagged as a one billion dollar industry on social media due to their effectiveness in driving new leads to business through the popular use of tags in their sponsored material.

Social sites such as Instagram have incorporated new features and tools that would ease the ability to purchase products via links to external websites. Such tools include shoppable posts, which enables brands and influencers to tag products and services and provide a link to an external website where customers can buy those products. Instagram is looking into every possible way that they can support businesses on the platform and more features such as shoppable posts are going to be incorporated on the site.


Extension of live video


Today you cannot think of social media marketing without incorporating video marketing. There is no better way to do this other than  using youtube channel to market your brand. Videos are generally more appealing to viewers than others types of content. Lately, their growing popularity has seen other social sites include video features in their sites to tap on their great potential. To maximize visibility of content on youtube, you can buy youtube views which will help your channel stand a better chance of getting better ratings by the youtube algorithms.


Micro influencers


Lately, there is a developing trend where brands are opting to work with small online personalities to popularize their brands. This trend has been taken up by both large and small businesses in equal measures due to the capabilities that micro influencers have displayed in driving traffic to businesses.


This trend is expected to grow with double folds in the near future. Some of the major reasons that businesses prefer to work with micro influencers is that they are able to drive a targeted lead to brands within a short while unlike macro influencers who can be less detached from some issues that micro influencers capitalize on and develop a substantial following.


Use of automated services


There is a growing trend on the incorporation of automated services in online marketing. Small and medium sized brands have benefitted a lot from the use of automated services to boost their brand popularity, increase engagement, and drive sales.


Beside the much publicized campaign against the use of such services, automated services have continued to attract the attention of both businesses and individuals. Basically, when you buy instagram likes for instance, the service is able to detect new content every time you post. Depending on the user agreement with the service provider, the service will generate a certain number of likes at the rate that the user desires, starting from a couple of hundreds to thousands of likes also depending on the terms of the service.


Automated online services have gained momentum in the recent past especially after most of the social sites switched to an algorithmic system that prioritizes accounts depending on the engagement rate that they are able to attract. This means an account can have great content but due to minimal engagement will not get a chance of reaching a bigger audience. However, with the use of automated services, brands are able to enjoy a wider audience whereby they are able to showcase their products and services,


The essence of the automated services is basically to trigger interest in organic social media users. An account with content that has thousand of likes will definitely raise eyebrows and attract more engagement that is organic. But for the sake of making the account appear authentic brands should buy instagram followers so as the account can appear normal.


In conclusion


As a marketer, keeping abreast with the recent trends in social media marketing is vital. Businesses and brands have much to gain from the new features and tools that instagram is adding every now and then. The challenge, however remains how well brands can utilize these features to reap much from their inception in terms of increased engagement and more sales.